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Introducing Feroce Performance

In the automotive aftermarket, performance products generally fall into one of two categories. Ultra-premium brands deliver high-quality, great-looking products, but with a pretty much need to take out a second mortgage in order to afford them. Then there are the flashy, low-cost products that look decent on the shelf, but completely fall apart at the first sign of a muddy puddle.

Feroce Performance was born out of this disparity. Our team of seasoned industry experts came together to fill the gap and create a whole new niche for automotive performance parts. Imagine if you could purchase a bolt-on ready, performance upgrade for your vehicle and still have enough cash in your pocket to pay for the gas to actually enjoy it. That SHOULD be a simple request, right? But as you know, that's not often the case - until now.

Feroce Performance manufactures premium automotive and truck products geared toward enthusiasts looking for high performance at an affordable price. With an equal emphasis on functionality and presentation, our talented team of engineers, sourcing professionals and product managers are dedicated to providing our customers with products that truly meet the best of both worlds. 

Unrelenting Performance


High performance starts with solid design. Our R&D team works tirelessly engineering products that match or outperform performance levels of other higher-priced, premium brands. Each unit withstands rigorous endurance testing to ensure exceptional durability. We stand behind our quality with industry-leading warranties and world-class service. 

Fierce Style


We know your car is an extension of your personality, and we want your ride to be as unique as you. Our team works with enthusiasts and custom build shops to design the best-looking, eye-catching solutions. We start with multiple designs, then fine-tune and zero in on a killer look for your ride. 

Bolt-On Ready


We take the guesswork out of your installation. Every product you receive from Feroce Performance includes all the big stuff AND the small stuff, like washers and brackets, to make sure you can finish the job quickly and get back on the trail, track or street, having fun.

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